Mastic Asphalt roofing Portsmouth

Mastic asphalt is widely used in construction as an ideal material for a whole range of different applications, where a smooth, durable surface is required it offers waterproofing integrity for roofing applications.

Mastic Asphalt consists of carefully selected limestone aggregates which are bound together with asphaltic cement to produce a dense material which cannot be compacted, and is spread by a hand float, rather than being rolled out. It also contains highly advanced polymer formulations which in the last 5 years resulted in UK Mastic asphalt becoming the first industry in the world to achieve the Carbon Zero standard.

Mastic asphalt is one of the most traditional methods of flat roofing and needs to be installed in the right situation by correctly trained installers. Mastic asphalt is laid hot to form a seamless roofing membrane laid to minimum thickness of 20mm on top of a separating tissue where it can be shaped & moulded to fit the most awkward details and shapes. Jones Bros Roofing are fully trained and qualified to lay Mastic Asphalt in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, and have many differing projects where we have successfully installed it for many satisfied customers.


  • Hard wearing and durable.
  • Installed by highly experienced tradesmen.
  • No risk of puncture.
  • Easily repaired
  • Will last for decades.

Tanking Systems

Tanking systems are types of underground waterproofing and damp proofing used in basements and cellars, they need to be protected and ballasted before being covered. Tanking systems are the most traditional method used, where mastic asphalt tanking is applied in three layers and have stood the test of time. Some modern alternatives such as torch-on sheet membranes are available at lower prices Jones Bros roofing believe asphalt tanking is by far the best product on the market and have successfully installed many tanking systems underground without any failures. Jones Bros (Flat Roofing) Ltd are approved installers for Icopal Imperma mastic asphalt in Guildford and Chichester.

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