Open letter thanks the Construction Industry for continuing to work on 31st March 2020

Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, pays tribute to construction workers. However it follows controversy after photos of busy construction sites in London were posted on social media, showing that workers were not abiding by the 2 metre rule. The minister finished his letter by saluting them for their enormous efforts in supporting the UK economy. For more information regarding repairs to asphalt roofing in Guildford and throughout Surrey, call Jones bros roofing today.


The city developed a conceptual plan in 2008 for the Market Street Gateway from Kearsarge Street to Russell Street. The following goals were developed:

  • Traffic safety improvements
  • Wayfinding
  • Memorable gateway to downtown
  • Useful public spaces
  • Streetscape
  • Develop historic identity
  • Enhance cycle/pedestrian activity

Phase 2 is currently underway with the public park project renovations expected to start this summer. If you need advice on any type of roof repairs in Portsmouth call Jones brothers roofing.

Flat roofs can last as long as pitched

The ease of construction and affordability make flat roofs an obvious choice where budgets can be tight. Pitched roofs may disrupt existing sightlines whereas flat roofs can keep the height of a building to a minimum.

Flat roofs are versatile and are suitable for a wide range of projects but have gained a reputation for being high maintenance, usually due to poor maintenance or installation.

A professionally installed and well-designed flat roof can easily last as long as a pitched roof and have minimal maintenance requirements, for all Flat roof repairs in Guildford call Jones Brothers roofing on 02392 463211

Storm Ali Damage

Storm Ali has created havoc across the UK this September, from falling trees across roads to the devastating incident of a woman asleep in her caravan as it was blown off a cliff.

The storm has caused damage to the roofs of many properties across the country, from things as minor as guttering damage to trees collapsing onto roofs and causing extensive damage beyond repair.

Ali comes as reminder as we enter storm season in the UK that home owners should be undertaking maintenance of their property and roof as well as having access to an emergency repair company if necessary.

Jones Bros will happily undertake maintenance or repair works to your roof for a reasonable price, in preparation for storm season.

Save yourself future worries by getting in touch with Jones Bros Roofing today.

Roofers Take to the Skies

In a competitive market, some roofing companies are taking to the skies to find new business.

Aerial maps are being used to generate leads, estimate accurately, quote and win business faster. With the high quality and constant updating to current aerial maps, it is no surprise that roofers are exploiting the photography to find business for themselves. The maps can provide the roofers with an insight into the work needed on a building without the need to travel to the building in person.

They can scan large areas and communities for opportunities and contact and respond to real time enquiries faster. Now, when a customer calls for a quote, a roofer can search the property and provide an accurate quote minutes later.

In future developments, 3D imagery may soon be available to industry professionals to navigate around a property and inspect details of the roof.

To find out about roofing services in your area, get in touch with Jones Bros Roofing Ltd.

Permaroof product launch

Permaroof have launched an innovative new temporary water proof blanket to protect modular buildings such as sheds, garden offices and temporary buildings. The blankets have a high performance design and can be cut to size offering temporary protection for all types of modular building. These waterproof blankets are a useful temporary solution until a permanent repair can be made by a professional roofing company. For all your Flat roof repairs in Winchester, call Jones Bros roofing.

Roofing Repairs

Engaging a tradesman to carry out work on your property is always a little worrying, unless you have used the company before, how can you be sure they will do a good job? The police are always warning householders to be wary of people that turn up on your doorstep looking for work and advise that these people should be avoided at all cost.

So how do you find someone you can trust to work on your home? There are several ways you can do this.

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations
  • Find out if the company is affiliated to a reputable trade organisation
  • Can they give you references?
  • Do they guarantee their work?
  • If they ask for cash in hand definitely avoid them!

Roofing repairs is an area that can be exploited by disreputable people. If you are considering a new roof or a flat roofing repair in Portsmouth call Jones Bros Roofing for a quotation.

Hazardous roof waste

Asbestos is a natural mineral that was mined for thousands of years. Initially used to strengthen and insulate pots it wasn't until the late 19th and 20th centuries that large scale mining began as manufacturers discovered more and more applications for it. Interestingly people were already raising concerns over its impact on our health but these were largely ignored. Mining stopped in 1983 and its use banned in the UK in 1999. Finally in 2003 a worldwide ban was introduced.

Asbestos was used in a wide range of building products, including insulation materials and roofing tiles so care needs to be taken when repairing or renovating any property built before 1999 as damaging asbestos during removal is when the main dangers arise. Once asbestos is cut, sawn or torn the tiny fibres that are part of its makeup are released into the air and can be inhaled. These tiny fibres irritate and damage the lungs causing chronic illness and lung disease.

Care should be taken to select respected and established tradesman to undertake your maintenance or repairs as they will be fully conversant with all the latest legislation and be suitable trained in the safe removal and disposal of any asbestos found during the works. For a full report on any asbestos or waste roof materials call a quality roofing company in Hampshire , such as Jones Brothers roofing.

UK roof tile history

Britains roofs are unique in Europe. The majority (60%) of modern roofs have concrete roof tiles, 20% have slate roofs and approximately 10% have clay tiles. However, this has not always been the case and these figures do not represent the numerous changes in our roofs over the years.

Slate has been used for centuries to keep out the weather. Widely available throughout Britain it can be cut and quarried relatively easily but it is heavy which was a challenge for our ancestors. Thatch was an attractive alternative for centuries as it can be grown nearby which avoids the need to move it long distances. However after the Great Fire of London in 1666 thatch was banned from the city due to its vulnerability to fire.

People turned to clay tiles, which had been introduced to Britain by the Romans originally. Clay is found in many areas of Britain, so problems regarding transport were not an issue. The art of making clay tiles had been forgotten and it wasn't revived until the 12 th century that they were once again considered as a roofing medium. Early Britons developed a standard size of 10 1 / 2 " x 6 1 / 2 " for their tiles. They were the perfect size to make and fix easily on the roofs. Unscrupulous manufacturers tried to take advantage of the market by making the tiles smaller and thinner for the same price, this resulted in an Act of Parliament in 1477 to stipulate the size and thickness of the tiles and create an industry standard.

The Dutch developed a new type of clay tile in the 16 th century – a pantile – which shaped like an ‘s' and can be laid in a different way to normal tiles. These tiles overlap horizontally and vertically, this prevents water seeping in and also uses fewer tiles. Their popularity grew and by the 18th Century they were being made in factories in London and elsewhere in Britain. This wasn't without its challenges as the expertise and technology needed to create a uniform tile, that didn't twist and warp in the kiln had not been developed. This meant the tiles were not used for any prestigious buildings but were used mainly on poor quality buildings.

Things changed again with the birth of the railway. Now it was possible to move heavy loads easily around Britain. Expensive slate which had always been only used on expensive buildings could now be used for everyday housing.

Concrete tiles were developed in the 1920's but they didn't become popular until after the Second World War .This was due to the need to rebuild large areas of the country following the War. Concrete tiles were cheaper and they were being made in larger sizes so were easy to handle and lay. There was a massive skill shortage in Britain during this time and Builders were looking for ways to utilise the unskilled workforce.

Today there is a growing shift towards natural products, particularly Welsh slate and also clay tiles.The current range and availability of roofing tiles means there is a product to fit every roof.For all your Flat roofing repairs in Guildford call Jones Brothers Roofing.

Schools could turn to their roofs to provide playground space

MAC, Mastic Asphalt Council, are suggesting that one solution to the growing need for space to play for UK schoolchildren could be by utilising the roof space.

Pupil numbers are rising throughout the UK and it is predicted that at least 130,000 more places will be required in the school year 2017/2018. With space at a premium the problem of providing adequate space to play as well as classrooms has added to the problem of cash strapped Local Authorities. Innovative school architects have identified school roofs as a possible solution. Mastic asphalt is quick to lay, strong enough to provide a suitable surface for a rooftop playground, waterproof, non toxic and non flammable.

The environmental impact of mastic asphalt is minimal. 100% recyclable as it can be used as hardcore or used in mastic asphalt screeds when it comes to the end of its original use. To get a free quotation from a professional flat roofing company in Guildford call 02392 463211.

New products launched

Roofing Manufacturers Redland and Marley have both added new products to their range of roof tiles.

Redland has launched a new tile, Craftsman Victorian which have been designed to resemble original Victorian tiles, with pitted surfaces, black patterning, irregular front edges and a variable hanging length. The tile has been designed to imitate an original weathered tile which is still very durable.

Marley Eternit has added two new slates to its Birkdale range, Flame Grey and Flame Brown. The slates are multi coloured to imitate natural slate and have a smooth surface. They also have an A+ environmental rating. For all asphalt roof repairs in Portsmouth call the professionals on 02392 463211

Flat roofing has always been popular and recently it has experienced a 3.5% increase in growth and is predicted to continue growing over the next 4 years according to a Research document released by AMA Research.

With over 28,000,000square metres installed in 2014 its popularity is increasing. Advances in the market with new products now available, has demonstrated the wide range of solutions that are on offer.

Although Bitumen still has the largest market share newer PVC single ply membranes and liquid roofing which is available in a choice of colours is proving popular due to the speed at which it can be installed and the lower cost.

Budget restraints imposed by Government on Public Sector and Local Authorities means they are more willing to look at different ways to stay within their budget and still achieve their capital programmes. For all your roofing requirements including Flat roof repairs in Hampshire call Jones brothers roofing.

Has your roof come through the winter unscathed?

Now that the spring's approaching, it's time to check that your property is up to scratch, as a well maintained property will not only reduce the chances of potential problems, but will save you money in the long run. To begin your inspection, it makes sense to start at the top of the property with your roof. While hiring a professional roofing contractor is the most reliable way to ensure that your roof is in good condition, we appreciate that you may want to perform an initial inspection before you call in their services, so here's a few tips to get you underway.

Prior to inspection

Before you commence your roof inspection, always remember these important ladder safety tips:

  • Check the ladder for any damage before use
  • Ensure that it's placed on firm, level ground
  • Secure it at the top to prevent any slippage
  • Extend the ladder at least 3 feet above the guttering
  • Use both hands when climbing the ladder

What should you be looking for?

  • Tiles which are broken, damaged or slipping
  • Loose material around chimneys, pipes and gutters
  • Missing pointing or ridge tiles
  • Excessive amount of roof material in the guttering
  • Use both hands when climbing the ladder

Finding the best roofing company for you

If you do see signs of damage, to find the best roofing company Portsmouth has available and ensure that you're getting reliable contractors, check the following:

  • Their business details, including experience and qualifications
  • Do they have full liability insurance?
  • Do they belong to a trade association or Checkatrade?

You may also find it helpful to read recommendations and testimonials from previous customers, as they'll provide invaluable feedback on the quality of roofing Winchester companies offer as compared to roofing services in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. With this information at hand, you'll then be better placed to find the best roofing company in Hampshire for you.

Shameless Thieves Target Lead from theSaint Salvador Church

The Hilltown community church in Dundee has recently found itself in the crosshairs of low-life petty criminals. Many thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused over 2 separate attacks. Not only is this costly for the church but the delicate interior of this holy building could be under threat from water damage. In recent years many similar crimes have also been reported all over the country, including thefts from Flat roofing in Guildford. But for this particular case the real victims were some of the neediest members of Scotland.

It is believed that the two thieves initially gained access to the roof via a drainpipe during the early hours of the morning. The roof that joined the church hall to the main body of the church was then stripped of its essential lead tiles. The devious duo proceeded to remove all the lead they could before dumping it into the backyard of the church. However, they realised they had been clocked by security cameras and motion sensing equipment and fled with a mere single tile. No more than three days after the initial assault, the thieves decided to return and successfully stripped off another 10 panels of lead (measuring 1.6m x 60cm each).

The greatest fear is of further damage from water ingress before the roof can be sufficiently repaired. The interior, described by many as splendid, is in serious danger. The building itself is unique for Scotland and damage to the interior will deliver a painful blow to the local community. The church even operates a regular food programme, currently helping to feed 100's of people in the local deprived urban area. This crime cannot be described as victimless, the already deprived people have been robbed and the country's cultural heritage has been pillaged.

Torch-on roofing

With a growing concern within the roofing industry over the increasing number of roof fires caused by gas torches used in torch on systems, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors has stepped in to try and reduce the danger. A checklist has been introduced so that accidents and fires on sites can be reduced, as all the contractor needs to do is just run through this checklist and if there are any ticks in any of the boxes, then they should not use a torch-on system. The Health and safety executive have also approved the checklist and have circulated it to all executives for guidance. Most contractors agree that torch on systems will still be used in many areas and are mostly safe, however in certain situations they do represent a significant fire risk and it is these situations that the checklist will help to Identify.

New Scaffolding Alternative Helps Cut Costs

The working at height specialists Easi-Dec have developed an online calculator which is designed to help installers and contractors cut the often sky high cost of scaffolding. The calculator compares the cost of conventional scaffolding with the cost of their newly developed Easi-Dec roofline platforms. The calculator doesn't just calculate based on the outlay cost, it also takes into account the installation time, project cost and retained profit. The only information that is required is the scaffolding rent cost and the number of projects being carried out per year.

The Easi-Dec Roofline platform can be erected in just 30 minutes. It only requires a one off purchase and can be used over and over again. It offers a quick and easy alternative to scaffolding whilst still keeping safety at the forefront. It's aluminium construction keeps it lightweight and it can be easily stored, making it the ideal accessory for any building or roofing company who use scaffolding on a regular basis.

Soni Sheimer, General Manager at Easi-Dec explains, "We pride ourselves on the fact that our Easi-Dec access platforms are a cost saving effective alternative to scaffolding. The system has been designed to provide a safe access to the roofline, without the costs of erecting scaffolding. Thus greatly reducing the time spent on a project."

The Easi-Dec Roofline platform system is ideal not only roofers but also guttering specialists, window fitters, solar panel fitters or satellite dish installers. The mechanism consists of two platforms with a catwalk joining the two to create a working platform of 8m or 10m. It is supported by telescopic legs which can be height adjusted in increments of 30mm, meaning that it can remain supportive and sturdy even on uneven ground. It requires no tools for assembly meaning that it is easy and quick to install at a moment's notice. The standard legs have a maximum height of 3.3m - 5.5m and the super legs from 4.5m – 6.8m. There are also many other leg options, for example the bungalow legs for lower access.

Thanks to its innovative structure, the Roofline system can pass over the top of obstacles such as bay windows, porches or conservatories. It also comes with a range of accessories which help in more particular situations. These can include an end support frame for areas with difficult access, a corner kit, and a standoff kit. A rolling window bar can even be used as an alternative to the standard wheels, providing a stable platform support for even load distribution. Considering all these options there really are no jobs that the Easi-dec Roofline platform cannot be used for.

Jones Brothers Roofing are a specialist roofing company and can provide quotes for flat roofing in Guildford, Hampshire, West Sussex and London. With over 40 years of roofing experience and all the relevant health and safety and insurance requirements, Jones Brothers can help, whether it is for domestic asphalt roofing in Chichester or lead work in London.

Polyroof announce Elastex

Recently launched by the roofing manufacturers is Elastex a highly flexible covering system ideal re-juvenating old and ageing metal roofs, it seals the seams to make the roof completely watertight and very importantly nowadays eliminates the risk of theft of the metal itself. Elastex works by bonding with the metal substrates and can be applied with only a minimum surface preparation. Elastex has already been approved by the BBA and various guarantees of up to 25 years are available dependent on the current condition.

Flat roof coverings

With an increase in the number of projects banning ‘hot' lay bitumen roofing due to health and safety concerns, a gap has appeared in the market for cold lay systems. A range of systems are now available such as an easy to use ‘catalyst activated' unsaturated polyester resin and top coat systems. The resin and topcoat are brush or roller applied separately at different stages, by roller or brush and bond without heat needing to be applied, not only can these systems be used on flat roofs but can also be used on pitched and other roofs. For all your repairs to flat roofing in Petersfield call Jones brothers roofing.

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